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Case Story

Local instructors keep key tactical insights from getting lost in translation

   LIFE IS GOOD    Picture this… you’re a senior branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, with involvement in missions worldwide. And as a part of a partnership between the U.S. and a Middle Eastern ally, you’re responsible for training and arming a special counter-terrorism unit in that country.
   BIG CHALLENGE    But, a wide culture gap makes training a challenge. From supply chain management to helicopter flight, your training falls flat, because the way things are taught in America just doesn’t translate well to the values and learning styles of your allies.
   HELP ARRIVES    So, you turn to ARCTOS. Because we understand the importance of recognizing cultural nuances, we employ and train locals to teach the counter-terrorism units. For one contract, our employees train two units on supply chain management. After the training is completed, the commanders of both units are so impressed with our work, they ask us to train them personally.
   LIFE IS EVEN BETTER    Now, you’re confident that everyone is properly trained. Your allies are better equipped to combat enemy operations and you’re more equipped for future training needs with a partner who reliably brings together local and military know-how. That’s the difference of the all-in approach.