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Case Story


An expert hire rockets network infrastructure redesign to success

   LIFE IS GOOD    Picture this… you support every U.S. military mission involving space operations, from organizing missions to training personnel to developing new technology. As a part of the Armed Forces, your 16,000 personnel play a key role both in defense and day-to-day satellite-related activity.
   BIG CHALLENGE    But, your network infrastructure has become severely outdated. You secured a contractor, for what you thought was a great price, to build a completely new infrastructure, only to find out that their low price meant that all the enterprise architects skilled enough to do the job were out of their price range.
   HELP ARRIVES    So, you turn to ARCTOS. Even though we’re just a sub on the contract, we step up to fill the gap by hiring an expert enterprise architect for our team. Our architect gets right to work building an as-is architecture that will not only work for your needs today, but will also adapt to your needs in the future.
   LIFE IS EVEN BETTER    Now, you’re getting higher-quality work without any additional cost. Already, you’re seeing how this new tech infrastructure will improve how you enable and perform missions – and help you be ready for whatever comes next. That’s the difference of the all-in approach.